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If you are looking for a stable career that will give you the security you need even in the most difficult of economic situations, it is highly recommended that look somewhere in the healthcare field. A career as a diagnostic medical sonographer or ultrasound technician is something that fits this description, and it offers a very favorable future for those who seek to venture it. As an ultrasound technician, you take advantage of ultrasound technology in order to produce images of the different areas of the body which will be used as basis for diagnosis and treatment recommendation by doctors and other medical specialists. More ultrasound technician jobs are expected to be generated in the next few years.

With the use of advanced sonographic equipment, high frequency sound waves are able to be transmitted towards the body and the sound waves that bounce back are interpreted as detailed images of the human anatomy. For most of us, it is easy to think about sonography when we talk about pregnant women since ultrasound technology is used in order to view the unborn child inside a mother’s womb to check the baby’s condition and gender. Sonography has many other applications besides this, and there are many areas of specialization for this field as well.

Because diagnostic medical sonography offers the advantage of being non-invasive and free from radiation, this method of diagnostic imaging is expected to significantly increase in usage. In comparison to traditional surgical methods, ultrasound does not require a lot of time to perform and does not require recovery time for the patient because of its non-invasive nature. Using sonographic procedures are also generally less costly as compared to surgical means of viewing the body’s internal structure. Unlike x-ray scanning procedures, ultrasound scanning does not emit any form of radiation that can possibly be damaging to the body.

One of the reasons why healthcare fields such as this are expected to thrive even in the worse economic conditions is that the general public will always be in need of quality healthcare services such as diagnostic medical sonography regardless of what the current trends may be. The technological advancements in ultrasound imaging and the population increase are also expected to boost the need for more ultrasound procedures, therefore increasing the demand for competent ultrasound technicians. As the population continues to age, the need for non-invasive and cost-efficient means of diagnostic imaging will also prompt the need for more workers in this field.

Based on statistical data provided by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the future for ultrasound technician jobs is something to look forward to with an 18 percent increase in employment through the year 2018. The evolving technology in ultrasound imaging will pave the way for its usage in many other areas of healthcare that hasn’t been applied before. While hospitals currently remain the primary employer for diagnostic medical sonographers, the number of employed in doctor’s offices and diagnostic laboratories are also expected to increase as well.







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